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So, today I took the final photos for my campaign in the Honours project and I am very happy with the results!

The handsome fella I used for these pictures is my boyfriend, Adam. I didn’t just choose his as my model because I am biased, he has had experience modeling and his look was exactly what I was looking for in this concept. 

There was a very nautical feel to this day. Our location was Southferry Quay in Liverpool, one of the more industrial docks and the colour scheme of his clothes matched this.

Despite it being a beautifully bright day, the sun was deceiving. It was really cold as the winds picked up and my fingers were getting cold on my camera so I can’t imagine how Adam felt with his cold!

I found this shoot slightly more challenging than the others. I find it easy to direct women as I understand what feels natural however, putting a man into poses is very different. I went for a very casual, laid back feel for these photos.

More to come, I am looking forward to getting this part of my concept finished!


I thought I would post a handful of images showing the original shots and the final edited ones. Obviously, they are far from perfect as I am new to this side of editing with photoshop, but I am pleased with the outcome so far. I have been teaching myself as I go along by watching youtube tutorials and on a trial and error basis.


As progress on my window displays and merchandisers is going slowly, I have decided to give myself a break from that side of my concept and focus on the promotional side. 

I will be designing a series of magazine covers that fit in with my concept, here is the first - showcasing my bridal blogger. I will also be looking at magazine spreads, articles and “flyer” inserts.

Today, I will also be looking at where Debenhams 10 should be advertised. I will start by looking at where Debenhams currently advertise both online and offline and then compare to their competitors


I have now added in quick previews of other blogs.

It feels strange building the video up the wrong way round (starting at the end) but I do feel like its getting somewhere. 

Before my deadline presentation on Wednesday, I will work more on my merchandisers, promotional materials and swing tickets. Over Easter I am planning on making models of my window displays and merchandiser as well as putting together my finished book for the end of year Degree Show.



My weekend has been full of painkillers (for the wisdom tooth) and video editing. Here is a section of my final video that I managed to get done today - it shows one of the Debenhams 10 blogs, scrolls down it and then the short “tv spot” video plays in full screen. 

This may not look like a lot of work, but It has taken me two full days to learn how to use the programs needed and put this together. Obviously it still is not perfect and doesnt make much sense at the moment but this section will be towards the end of my final video. Once everything else is done it will begin to make sense.

I have also had hell trying to find the right kind of music to use along side this video. I started with a bit of Bowie, then moved onto Beyonce and I have now landed on Two Door Cinema Club. Their song, “This Is The Life” is the track that Debenhams currently use on their TV ads, so I want to keep in with that same style of music so it is relatable.

The music I have used on this video is a instrumental cover of the song “What You Know”, using different instruments. 

I will change the music, I was just testing it out here.


Today, I worked my way around Adobe Premier to make a start on my promotional video for my honours project.

This video will show the key elements of the project - promotional materials (carrier bags), window displays, in store merchandiser and its interactive elements, newly designed online blogs and navigation as well as featuring things that would be shown on the blogs - which is what this uploaded video is in relevance to.

This video is one of a series of “Blogger Lifestyle” videos. Each post by the bloggers would compromise of styling tips as well as lifestyle posts. This video shows my plus size/middle aged blogger going to relax in a local cafe. My idea for these videos is to show that bloggers don’t just hide behind a computer screen.

Obviously I still need to work on this video by adding audio, possibly inserting effects and adding in my Debenhams 10 logo.

I am happy with how this is looking but I know I can improve. I will now start figuring out how to work with Adobe After Effects and hopefully find an alternative to Photoshop for image editing as mine has stopped working!

Little bites of inspiration...

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